Russian Chapel Hills Winery

A new winery to the area but only in name as the land was previously known as Green Creek Vineyards.  It was picked up by its current owner, Andrey Medvedev, in 2009 who has done wonderful things to the vineyard.  Since acquiring Green Creek Vineyards, Andrey has expanded the grape production, started producing wines (thus establishing it as a legitimate winery), and significantly added to the character of the vineyard by adding St. Anna Chapel to the property.  It was the addition of the chapel that gave the winery its current name – Russian Chapel Hills Winery.  The chapel is actually a real chapel and is part of the eastern Diosease of the Russian Church Outside of Russia.  The chapel is very beautiful and ads such a unique charm to the winery.

St. Anna Chapel
St. Anna Chapel

The wines at Russian Chapel Hill are extraordinary and can be sampled inside their tasting room where, if you are lucky, you can partake of your samples on their beautiful wood bar that was built from a tree on the property.  Their friendly staff will tell you everything you want to know about their wonderful wines, the beautiful vineyard, or Andrey Medvedev’s inspiring story.

Russian Chapel Hills Winery
2662 Green Creek Drive
Columbus, NC 28722

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Monday: Closed
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Thursday: 1pm-5pm
Friday: 1pm-5pm
Saturday: Noon-6pm
Sunday: 1pm-6pm

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